I am breath. I am movement. I am awareness. I am life.

That is my mantra for whenever I find myself wondering what on earth I am doing. I have a life in Boston where doing the whole grad school thing for science journalism at BU. My other life is back in east Tennessee with a dog, family, friends and a house. My home is in the mountains, and while I grew up thinking that was only the Smoky Mountains, I am now finding that’s starting to hit New England ones as well.

Enough about me. This blog is about the outdoors, mainly whitewater sports, but anything goes. More than that, this blog is about filling gaps in current magazine coverage of outdoor sports. Outdoor sports magazines tend to cover the est of nature–biggest waterfalls, most extreme trek, greatest achievement in X, that sort of thing. Those stories need to be told. I found other stories also need their moments, like, reviews of boats and other gear for small paddlers and especially women. The Outdoors are about action, but they are are also about community–where we as humans fit into the bigger picture. That’s what this blog is about. As a community niche blog, it also offers a forum for people to write and share their experiences, reviews, perspectives, whatever. It’s a space where people’s love of the great outdoors and desire to share their knowledge is worth a great story.

On that note, contributions are always welcome, and guidelines for stories are listed below:

Department: 500-700 word story
Feature: 750-1500 word story
Photos: Anything action-oriented you think is awesome

Videos: Anything action-oriented you think is awesome
Exercise: Tips, routines, workouts, etc. that others can reference
Food: Favorite recipes, meals, etc. that others can reference for on/off the river/sport
Events: Any noteworthy events you think should be posted for others to learn/know about/participate in
Destinations: What’s your favorite river/bike trail/running trail/place to do something outdoorsy and why? How can others get there and what should they expect?
Submissions should be sent to cckerns@bu.edu .

Good timing on a moose photo. Also, despite what my name suggests, I’m a girl.

With that, this is the end of the about page. So, enjoy Earthy Journalist blog and have a good time experiencing the world


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