Born to Burn

Take 60,000 + people into the Nevada desert; add art, fire, music and creativity; remove (most) inhibitions and voila:

You get Burning Man last Monday in August to 1st Monday in September.

How about getting married on the pirate ship at Serendipity?

In its 25th year and  sporting the theme “Fertility” ending with the temple burn, Burning Man has been inspiring people to take stock of their lives, relationships and beliefs.

For many, the average $ 2,000 trip (total! Not just ticket) sacrifice and 9 day commitment (not including travel time) is too much. For those, and the believers who can’t wait for an entire year to attend a Burn, Regional Burns have become the answer.

It seems that, to some extent, Burning Man, due to sheer size and being on public land, is becoming victim of that which it is supposed to provide refuge from.

(outside) Rules and Regulations, ticketing woes,

Regionals are sprouting up all over the world:  Burning Man inspired events are more than a crazy party – they are a way of life; based on principles ‘Burners’ try to implement and apply in everyday life as a way of life:

A group of Tennesseans has been equally inspired to create TN’s first Regional Burn, §erendipity.  Held on a small farm outside of Morrison, TN, 2 weeks after Bonnaroo and attended by fewer than 400 people, it was a far cry from Burning Man’s intimidating proportions.

But it was, according to those who attended, no less magical.

§erendipity, much like its GA and NC cousins, Alchemy and Transformus, was well equipped to provide refuge from “Mundania” due to being on private property and the volunteer efforts of a devoted group, made up of many longtime Burners.

When was the last time you attended a wedding on a pirate ship, surrounded by people dressed as, well, pirates (or in tutus)?  Or when

Serendipity burning man

were you last able to take a shower outside, without a curtain, on the top of a hill, next to a BassBarn, overlooking the Burn field, while the Nautibus art car played Kaminanda during sunset?
Thought so….

Granted, there was no fire spitting steampunk octopus nor did Davina The Dragon make it–huge features at other burns–but the intimacy and community more than made up for it. Peeps attended from 8 states, including a couple on their honeymoon from Texas!

When comparing any Burn to a regular music festival, two of the most noticeable differences are the absence of vendors and garbage. Your money is no good at a Burn and, as a Leave No Trace event, Burns expect that your garbage is taken home with you!

The idea of a Burn is to create something temporary with lasting impact on those attending, so in return, they will create moments in everyday life designed to creatively affect the lives of those around them.

Theme Camps and Art, Fire and Music can become something one carries within and shares with those around them, in a world seemingly dominated by corporate greed, political influx and environmental unrest.

We can all be part of something different if we choose to so we may leave with more than what we brought to the table.

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.  It is the source of all true art and science.  Those to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; their eyes are closed.”

Albert Einstein


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