Boat Load of Maine–Seboomook

Jeff and Phil chilling in front of one of the rapids.

After running one lap of Canada Falls, my group split into those who chose to run it again and others who wanted a chill afternoon run. I was part of that group, and we headed over to the Seboomook, a short river and fun way to spend the afternoon after paddling bigger stuff all morning. Enjoy the post!

The River

At 2.5 miles, the Seboomook stays true to the Maine style of rivers with a semi-wide, pool-drop feel and plenty of beautiful scenery. Like Canada Falls, Seboomook is actually a branch of the Penobscot, the west branch. It’s a dam-release, class II-III for normal flows, and the water quality is pretty high. NOTE: You will take out in the worst bug-infested campground ever. Be prepared to haul ass out of there.

The Rapids

There are so many rapids on this river, that the names are seriously just letters A-K (and

Phil surfing one of the waves.

those are just the ones people felt like naming). They’re all read and run, and lots of fun. The main lines tend to be down the middle and avoid holes, nothing too difficult but pay attention. I’m actually not going to go into the details of the rapids, so if you’re dying for the class II lines, American Whitewater has a page with good descriptions.

The Seboomook is, once again, a beautiful example of Maine wilderness. It’s also a great place to relax, socialize and enjoy the river. Being so close to Canada Falls, if you’ve got an afternoon to kill, try the Seboomook. See you on the river!



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