Adirondacks Boating

Boofing Agger Falls

Though schoolwork mounts around me, the feeling to write for pleasure (and more specifically boating) overrides my sense of responsibility so here I am writing another blog post. This one is about last weekend’s AMC trip in the Adirondacks. If for no other reason than I got to explore a different state’s rivers a little, this trip was great. Happily, there are reasons. The rest of this post is a recap of the trip and some brief descriptions of the rivers I ran(ish).

The Trip

My friend Dan and I drove 5 hours to join about 20 other people for the weekend in the Kingsley boy scout camp, which was an adventure in itself. Interesting characters from all parts of Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey shared boating stories, food, and sleeping space–well the last one not too happily for some. Regardless, meeting new people and boating together was a great reminder for a spoiled southeastern boater that the boating community is thriving and the rivers are impressive up in the Northeast.

The Rivers

Now the much more interesting part. People paddled on Friday, but my

Going through Knife's Edge.

weekend began on Saturday with the Sprite, a fun class III creek, with a couple cool class Vs–and very very low water when we ran it. We got hung up on rocks on multiple occasions and were all apologizing to the bottoms of our boats by the end of the run. At one point, I watched as 7 of the 9 people in my group were stuck in the same spot on the river. They all thrust themselves in that forward-backward motion in their boats and were still going nowhere.

The fun part was trying to figure out a different line for the first Class V because the normal line didn’t have enough water. I chose not to run either of the big rapids, but the lines worked well for the others. Overall, with more water, Sprite is a nice, fun creek to practice creeking moves at.

Stern squirting double drop!

Sunday was the Bottom Moose, probably the most famous stout New York river and one that has claimed a few lives. DISCLAIMER: I did not run the river. So most of what I say will be from the sidelines. I watched the guys paddle four of the nine main rapids, and they are huge! Large stretches of flat water separates the actual rapids, so at a gradient of 72 fpm, that can hint at the size of the rapids.

The last rapid the guys ran was Agger Falls, an 18-foot waterfall past the dam from the upper part of the Bottom Moose. They all styled it.

From the falls, the Boston crew parted with the rest of the AMC group. I met and paddled with some pretty cool people and look forward to another river adventure with them in the future. I also made connections I never expected to make boating in the Northeast, and I smile to think what more await me during the rest of my stay up here. Now, I’ve just got to get the river out of my head long enough to get some work done. Happy boating y’all!


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