Farmers Market and Dim Sum

Trevor with his science lab gift from Nora, and Kevin just being Kevin

Boston offers so many diverse events and attractions that I think more than a lifetime or two would be needed to experience them all. Yesterday was a good start. I joined my classmates and friends to a winter farmers market in Somerville followed by some tasty dim sum in Chinatown. This post is a quick recap on those two experiences, mainly as an excuse to share funny photos.

Farmers Market

Now, quick note, more than one winter farmers market exists in the Boston and surrounding areas. In fact, Cambridge just put on its first one last Saturday. This one was indoors inside a beautiful white building known as the armory. While we didn’t know it at the time, parking is available in the back, which is nice for those driving to the market.

Shraddha showing off her gift from Trevor who knew she liked English.

Once inside, we were hit with fun celtic-bluegrass music from a loft that opened out to the rest of the open room. Vendors sold the usual baked goods, cheeses, and root vegetables commonly seen at farmers markets, especially during winter. Katalyst Kombucha and Taza Chocolate, two interesting and tasty Boston vendors, were also there selling their ginger drinks and orange sweets.

We stayed for a quick minute, just long enough to sample food and buy some cheese, chocolate, and the two-man band’s CD (Lily loves it). After that, we quickly headed over to Hei La Moon for some dim sum and a gift exchange.

Dim Sum

Oh my god. The restaurant was PACKED with people, from children to the elderly, all

Anne-Marie's a little wary of Joe's herpes gift given by Darrien.

chattering, laughing, walking about, running, serving, eating, drinking, and whatever else people do together in a crowded restaurant. Kevin ordered for us, and we ate pork dumplings, tofu jello with honey, shrimp and pork dumplings, greens, rolls, mushroom and pork dumplings, red bean rolls, what Trevor called booger shrimp that turned out to be one of the tastier dishes, and so much more, all washed down with green tea (and some water toward the end). It was all tastier and more plentiful than I could have expected.

I still cannot get over the size of the place, especially for its appearance on the outside. Rather a humble looking restaurant front, with large glass windows on the ground level in front of a short busy road section. Once inside, however, things get  moving pretty quick, and if that doesn’t stress you out, it’s quite a fun experience.

As for our group, we exchanged our Secret Santa gifts (better late than never) and had a

Trevor is practicing great recycling ethics.

few laughs and aws. The dynamics of this group can be described as an orchestra, each a unique instrument (Trevor being a trombone) that can stand alone. Yet when we all get together–with our jokes and insights, peer edits and philosophical conversations–we create something special, be that memories, epiphanies or stories, that is music.


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