Interview of a Friend: Instrumental Awesome

For one of my classes, we were charged to get into groups of two and interview someone. This assignment taught us how to conduct an interview, work with B-roll, and craft a story using people’s words. The main point I learned was how to find someone with a story to tell.

That someone came rather easily. He’s a friend who pretty much does what I say so when said my classmate and I were going to interview him, he said okay. On a serious note, he is also a person with a passion for music that extends beyond the “I just love going to concerts, man, and dancing and feeling the jams even though I have no actual musical knowledge myself.” This man breathes music. His knowledge of guitar history, musician history, genre history, and music culture (history) are as elaborate and full of depth as his  musical ability, which is to say, pretty amazing.

He made for a good interview and an even better story. I’ll not bore with any more details and just leave the rest to the little film on here. Enjoy!


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