Local Grubb after a morning of Boating


The going standard up here among my New England paddlers is to always grab something to eat at a local diner after a run or two on the river. For someone who enjoys food, beer, and boating all in one day, I’ve got to say I’m really enjoying this trend.

So yesterday, we hit the Took at Henniker, NH, and of course afterward Jim and Chris knew of the place to go for food afterward. So we got in our cars and drove about five minutes down to “downtown” Henniker (four way intersection with no traffic light) where Daniels stood. We entered the inviting blue building with its old-fashioned swinging sign and headed down the stairs to the restaurant.

The Place

In a word, this place was cuuuute! The little girl in me squealed as though I had just been gifted a new stuffed unicorn. The old pictures, wooden floors, and windows looking out onto the Took gave this restaurant such an old-timey feel, and I felt right at home. Will and I walked through the little hallway and down the room until we found Jim and Chris seated at a small square table by a window. I naturally sat in the chair closest to the river view, and we looked over the menu.

View of the river from the place where we sat.

View of other people eating at Daniels









The Food

The items on the menu ranged from sandwich soup and salad to burgers to seafood and pasta dinners, all within the price ranges of medium-priced food. I ordered a soup and sandwich, which became pricier after the up-charges I wasn’t told about (should have asked, but as a former server, I knew they should always inform). Will ordered a seafood gratin, which he enjoyed, and Chris and Jim both ordered the French dip–a roast beef sandwich with dipping sauce. They received the sauce cold, which the waitress heated for them.


The food was good, not great, just enough to get us full and happy after a day out on the river. The place was really cool, and the waiting staff was great (put up with Jim). The restaurant was also connected to a shop on the top of the stairs. Now, I don’t get excited for new shoes or jewelry, but when I smell herbal candles and enter a room filled with organic, hand-woven, brightly colored clothes, my stereotypically feminine instincts to window shop kick into overdrive. Fortunately, the men were in the bathroom so I had some time to peruse the items, which were of a standard hippie/eco greenie affair–Sanskrit markings and peace signs on crudely made jewelry, handbags made of earth-toned patches, and lots and lots of candles, complete with patchouli.

With the guys done and my girly wiles satisfied, we exited Daniels and headed home, the building’s sign swinging and the river rippling behind us.


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