Little Park in the Big City

I usually deal with the chaos of Boston by escaping it, but today I felt like trying to find peace inside the city. So I googled and found Chestnut Hill Reservoir, a little pond and ball park in the Brighton area only two miles away from my apartment. The route was pretty much head for it (which is unusual for Boston’s normally windy, obscure roads), so I put on my running shoes and headed for it.


The trail around the pond was great for runners and walkers

Many benches dotted the trail around the pond.

Right up possibly the only hill in all of Boston. The park is at the intersection of Commonwealth Ave and Chestnut Hill Ave, and seriously, it’s the finish line to the only actual hill I’ve ever found in Boston. This did not make for a fun run. However, the run back gave one of the prettiest views of Boston I’ve seen so far, rising over the top of buildings and the less-populated area (more trees!). The run is much easier going home, which is always nice, anyway.

The park itself was sweet, not an oasis, but a nice little pond with ducks and geese and

The beginning of the pond trail

plenty of runners. I did not find respite in it because few trees separated the park from the busy big roads, especially since Comm Ave is one of the biggest in Boston. In regards to Chestnut Reservoir, imagine the old guy’s house from the movie UP before it flies off via balloon travel. UP House = Chestnut Reservoir. Little pond smushed inside the big city. It was actually kind of comical seeing ducks and greenery but hearing only traffic and machinery as people honked and company trucks drove by.

Overall, the park was cute.


2 responses to “Little Park in the Big City

  1. Sometime we have a little treasure just around the corner and we wonder why we never knew it before now. It is sooo nice when we do find them.

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