Veggie Fest in Boston

Wow, can’t believe I haven’t posted in a couple days. Time’s gotten away from me I suppose. Well, yesterday, my friend J and I traveled to southern Boston to the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival, which was held at the Reggie Lewis Athletic Center.

First, some basic information about the veggie fest. The Boston Vegetarian Societysponsors it every year, and the festival runs on Saturday and Sunday.

Talking about Pastries

I’m not going to lie, I was a little disappointed with the event. Normally, Boston hosts some pretty awesome eco-friendly events, like the Local Food Festival, but this one acted more like a crowded convention than a festival. First off, the festival was held indoors, though to be fair, that makes sense given a cold New England fall weekend is not a fun time to be outside. Also, the RL center is gorgeous.

The front of the Reggie Lewis Athletic Center

Recycling stood by every trash can during the event.

People trying an organic vegetable drink concoction...thing.

Yet the gym where all the vendors were was jammed, and I did not enjoy being perpetually crammed between butts as we all moved sluggishly from one vendor to another. The event housed a lot of vendors, which you think would be great; however, by the fourth group selling vegan, gluten-free, fair-trade cupcakes or person selling their latest book on eco-eating, I was just rolling my eyes.

I love earth, I really do, but the whole ordeal was just a whole setting for a South Park episode on eco-greeny stereotypes. The schedule of talks were all the same: How to eat healthy and earth friendly, how to save the world one veggie at a time, how to how to how to how to. I saw very little original thought and just became overwhelmed and then, sadly, indifferent to the bombardment of the same spiel.

I do believe my friend Jon and I were in the minority on feeling that way, though, and that

The sign letting us know we've come to the right place

at least is good. As long as the festival reaches new people who haven’t heard the same old story, then it’s succeeding at goal I agree to: bringing the people close to our mother Earth again. Any win’s a good win. Right?


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