Massachusetts State Representatives

So, in lieu of studying for one of my classes, I decided to be curious about what the Massachusetts state representatives are. I don’t mean politicians (they’re only mildly interesting). I wanted to look up and learn a little about MA’s state tree, state flower, and state animal. Here’s what I found:

State Tree = American Elm

The American Elm‘s habitat ranges from west to Montana to the east coast and from as

Washington Elm standing in Cambridge

south as Florida to as north as Nova Scotia. A deciduous hardwood, the tree can grow as tall as 100 feet or more and live several hundred years, that is, if it’s one of the lucky ones to survive Dutch elm’s disease. DED is an exotic fungus-type disease transported from Asia and discovered in 1921 by phytopathologist from the Netherlands. While the disease has virtually wiped out the native population, a few do have immunity to it and have survived.

One of those survivors is actually a little bit of a Boston celebrity. Legend has it that George Washington took command of the American Continental Army under the Washington Elm in Cambridge on July 3, 1775. The Washington Elm in Cambridge stands as a memorial for that legend. Though the actual tree fell in 1920, a new one replaced it in February 1932 to continue the memory.

State Flower = Mayflower

I’m not going to lie, I got a kick out of this discovery. I had no idea it was a flower, and I bet

White mayflowers in bloom.

most MA people also don’t know this, which will also make for a laugh. The mayflower plant itself is actually more of a small creeper plant that trails along the ground in bunches. The leaves are evergreen, and the small white bloom appears in spring (around May) in clumps. The plant is native to both North America and parts of England. Its range in the U.S. is Florida to Newfoundland, from Michigan to East Coast. Overall, the mayflower is just a sweet, little flower.

State Animal = Depends

So, I was actually unaware that MA did not have a straight actual state animal, (if someone knows it, please tell me). So the depends refers to which particular animal. MA’s state bird is the adorable fluffball chickadee (my favorite bird), which had a very distinct sound and one of the few birds that stays through winter. The state fish is the cod, which is about as obvious as the state flower. The state horse is the morgan horse, and the state cat is the tabby cat. More can be found here .

So I managed to distract myself for around an hour finding and writing about the Massachusetts state representatives that everyone can love.


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