Not in Knoxville Anymore

I’m sitting on a window bench that looks out onto JFK Street, sipping on strawberry sencha bubble tea (sweet and salty!), and just trying to take a deep breath. Dave Matthews’ “Satellite” plays in the background, which helps. In the last five days, I have traveled 17 miles from my hometown Knoxville to my new home for the next one and a half years Boston. I have experienced culinary curiosities from the No Name’s butter-lard scod to Korean tiny squid in soup. I also spent all of yesterday (Thursday), moving, buying, and snagging from the street corner most all the furniture I need to create my little home/safe haven. Lastly, I have also gotten to know my four quirky yet very charming and smart roommates.

Dave Matthews cuts off to No Doubt’s “Hey Baby,” a rather jarring transition, but that fits the overall theme of Boston. For example, I have this theory that most Boston residents have environmentally enduced bipolar disorder. When not pressed for time, The people have been nothing but kind and jovial. However, the moment they become stressed or feel rushed, the residents snap and become pushy, angry, or overtly stressed out. For my friends and family out there, just imagine a whole bunch of Charlis running around in a confined space. Not fun.

A bike is parked on an interesting bike rack in Brookline, MA.

To give Boston a positive, the cyclists here are MUCH better than I am used to. Most wear helmets, and when they pass another cyclist, they do so on the left and say, “On your left.” This cycling community is fantastic or someone like me who’s used to head-in-the-clouds, headphone wearing, helmet lacking, ignore-all-traffic-and-cycling-rules, Knoxville riders I am used to. Not to say that Knoxville does not have any of those types, but Boston seems to have the majority rather than the exception, which is pretty exciting.

Overall, I am excited about Boston. The pace is fast, the people are insane, and the food is great. Couple that with the fact that Walden Pond is only 30 minutes away for those weekends when I feel like burning the city to the ground (which will most likely happen given my

threshold for stress), I think the next year and a half will be fun.


3 responses to “Not in Knoxville Anymore

  1. I am so excited for you to be going to school there! It sounds like a crazy place, but I’m sure you are going to adapt just fine and have a blast! 🙂 I do miss you, though, and am looking forward to your first visit home. Whenever that will be. :p

    Love ya!


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