First Day New Boat, Last Day Ocoee

Okay, it’s not the last day I’ll ever paddle the Ocoee, but yesterday was the last day for the year and for a good while. Tomorrow, I will start my journey to Boston for grad school at Boston University. That means a year and a half of studying, working, stressing, and whatever else encompasses grad school (possibly fun and fulfillment).

Enough about tomorrow. Yesterday was a day on the Ocoee, a river that has helped me and continues to help me grow as a paddler as well as an all round really fun river. On top of that, yesterday was my brand new pyranha burn kayak’s first day on the river, and it was an adventure indeed! The boat boofed, carved, and drove through rapids like a beast, all while lookin’ super foxy (it’s fuschia).

Me with my new boat at the end of the upper section of the Ocoee

The day itself was great, too. I got to kayak with some of my closest paddling buddies, made some moves I hadn’t done before, and got to enjoy some of the nicest weather out on the Ocoee all year. While I’m going to do my best to find as many fun creeks and rivers up north, which I know exist, the Southeast will always have my heart when it comes to boating. See you around Tennessee; I’ll be back and ready to kayak!


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