The Herbs are Thriving

Bees enjoying the garden's first sunflower

On my last day before leaving for India, I remember looking at the herb plot and thinking, “They’re not going to make it.” The chamomile, thyme, and mint were little bitty things barely poking out of the parched earth, and it was only the end of May. Come June, no rain would happen, and they would surely die.

Upon my return a month and a half later, I was happily mistaken. They had all boomed and almost taken over their plots! I have since made some mint lemonade and dried some chamomile. I will hopefully be getting to drying a lot of mint and making some sweet mint tea (favorite drink of the Moroccans).

Nothing, however, has made me happier than the sunflowers I planted. They are all growing and blooming, and the bees are lovin’ it. I managed to get one picture of the first sunflower, and it’s a pretty good description of what I’m feeling with the garden so far. There have been some less than successful ventures, but we have worked hard and are seeing the rewards from that work. Before long, we will be starting our fall plantings!


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