A man’s face is his autobiography. A woman’s face is her work of fiction. -Oscar Wilde

The sun has finally come out and warmed Mother Nature’s bones. Everyone is shedding their winter wear faster than their hibernation weight, and it is a little evident in the clothes I’ve seen people wear on campus.

I was biking toward class last week when I noticed a lot of girls wearing their spring dresses, cropped short and sleeveless, with heels thinner than pencils. Cannot forget the two hour makeup and hair styled to look like you woke up naturally like that and yet will be ready for a party at moment’s notice. I’m not going to lie, looking at girls dolled up like this has me rolling my eyes and a little more.

However, up until that bike ride, stopped at a red light and really watching the girls walk by me, I had no real reason why I cringed the way I did. I realized I had a problem with it because it had suddenly occurred to me who they were dressing up for–the guys. Okay, okay, I’m on the short bus, I know, but I really did know that before. I mean, I knew it in the sense that one knows the concept, but not the methodology behind it. I did not truly see it before because I have dressed for a guy before on a special occasion, and it is kind of fun to get him to raise an eye brow at that new dress you picked up at the store he mentioned liking that one time. However, that bike ride was the first time it hit me that girls do this one a day to day basis for every guy walking past them. My annoyance turned to pity, honestly.

Dress for yourselves, ladies! Buy that slightly longer skirt because it’s made of stretchy cotton and not tight denim! Forego the 4 inch heels for a pair of the most comfortable pair of sandals you can find. Walk out that door without a drop of mascara on your eyelashes and toss the brush aside and saunter through town with a crazy mane exuding confidence!

This is not to say that at no point should any girl refuse always to dress up. Hell, dress up every day if you’d like, but ask yourself in front of a mirror before you start your day, “Is this really (your name), or have I tucked her under this facade?” If you cannot answer yes, ask yourself why that is. Then choose if you are okay with that answer or if you want to change it.

Above everything else, learn to realize guys really don’t care. Just be healthy and happy.


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