Makeshift Garden

My boyfriend and I have been working on a garden in my backyard the last month or so. Being on the college kid budget, we had to improvise a few things for the garden, which also worked out for our eco friendly, recycled theme. We set up three major pieces to the garden:

The first one was the water barrel, rather a water tank. My father is a contractor and had a huge tank left over from a job. So he and his work partner cleaned it and plopped it by my house. He also found a big black tube that Andreas rigged between the tank and the gutter. Two weeks ago was the first trial for the tank with a good rain, and it worked! We were pretty excited.

Next, Andreas worked on a compost bin while I tilled the soil for the veggies. We did buy the wire, but the wood was all left over from past projects. The wire simply went around the wooden posts so that you could take the wire, lift it up, and place it on the next set of wooden posts and dig up the compost into the new place, ultimately turning it that way. It is also sturdy enough that if you wanted to just turn it in its place, you could.

The rigged up thing done was Andreas’s watering can project. He took and old paint can, a golf club, and a marker cap and managed to create a really modern looking, color coordinating watering can that works. I told him that he could never be a true modern artist for making a piece of art that had a use to it. I think he was fine with that.

We’ve got most of the vegetables and herbs in and have been watering them with the watering can filled with rain water from the tank. The total cost for all of it was $15 for the wire and took little time to complete. I looked up the costs of each piece otherwise:

  1. Water barrel: $65 at
  2. Compost Bin: $120-300 at
  3. Watering Can: $8 at

So we managed to save at least $200, pretty awesome!


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